Saturday, November 20, 2010

back.. :)

my little stall at Market Girl

Well yay I finally have some time to sit and work on my blog and facebook page!
Mr milly&me is working on the garden while mini milly&me rides his bike around the backyard :) We are having a big joint party here next weekend for the 2 of them! Having so much fun planning it - will have to do a seperate post on that soon..

So today I wanted to share with you all my market experiences for the year.. I did 2 this year and should've done more but it took me about a week to get over each of them, this baby in my belly is quite demanding already and even though I thought I could do it (and I did!) it took quite a toll on me phyiscally..

The first weekend of November we had a stall at Market Girl - Boutique Markets which was the first one the 2 lovely ladies from Market Girl had put on and they really did such an amazing job - I loved the venue and the layout and Emma and Teneille are so friendly, warm and welcoming that it made for such a great atmosphere.
I met many lovely people and stall holders and had a wonderful day :)

at Junior Upmarket

The next weekend I had a stall at Junior Upmarket at Little Feet Festival which was such a different experience all together but equally as fun! It was so nice to be outdoors after being couped up inside sewing for the last couple of weeks.. The Festival was a fantastic place for kiddies and I met many more lovely people and stallholders! Thanks Justine for bringing your Upmarket name up north :)

So there you go.. and now I am going to try and sell all my stuff on facebook! ekk will see how that goes, will then put it all on madeit once that's done..

Hope you are all well
Candice xxx


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