Thursday, February 18, 2010

what im listen' to

Well back in the day (BC - before child) I occasionally dj'd out and about.. and loved it! in fact would still be loving it if they could install a play pen behind the decks :) hehe jus' jokes

Anyway I am so out of that scene I have no idea what is good and 'cool' but what I do know is what I like.. :)

So I was extra excited when an old friend of mine sent me a mix he uploaded on the net a few months ago - its awesome and I love listening to it while I write, think or sew :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do - Beats & Buds Volume 1 by James A

Candice x

pretty in pink custom romper

Yay!!! finally finished a custom romper :)
It took a bit longer than expected as I have been visiting my grandpa alot recently..

I am happy with the result and made a plain one to put on madeit along with some baby bloomers and a cute owl t-shirt :)

I am about to start on a 'creature' for my sister-in-law to give to a friend of hers.. can't wait! love creating my 'creatures' :)

Isnt it fun being crafty! I love working with my hands... I am thinking of doing a screen printing course soon - really really want to start printing some designs onto fabric/clothing.. I love sewing too but I just have so many design ideas that I want to get onto fabric... I guess I could also put them onto paper and then wouldn't need to do a screen printing course.. but for some reason I just love fabric and want to make pretty things :)

I hope you are all enjoying this thursday... its funny weather here in Perth. Bit humid - which I dont like but at the same time it brings back nice memories of Africa.

ta ta xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Gramps

My Gramps... John Hook

I love my Grandpa.
He is one of those men that manners has definitely made.
Even as he is sick and weak he offers his chair to others and inquires after their health
and when asked how he is, he replies 'fit as a fiddle'.
He is skin and bones.. it is so hard to look - he is still there and I know it is him
but how could this happen, how could it happen to such a wonderful man?
Why? Why does he have to go through this?

My Grandpa loved to joke and play around with all his grandkids
he loved us all equally and always made time for us.
My best memories are of when we would go back to Zim on holidays
and stay with Gran and Gramps.
Every morning we would wake up early and jump out of bed
to go and swim and do exercises with Grandpa,
then after a bath and clean clothes
head to the kitchen for fish and egg :)

I wish I could take his pain, I wish he didnt have to go through this.

I hate cancer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i can across this lovely blog...

image via tweexcore

While reading Pip's almost daily Meet Me at Mike's blog post email I came across this link to Dottie Angel and immediately fell in love with her writing.. wow its just so lovely and inspiring.. it makes you want to dress in your best Sunday afternoon dress, pack a picnic in a vintage suitcase with porcelain cups and a teapot and cheese and cucumber sandwiches.... then on a lovely handmade picnic rug, lie back with your worn copy of sense and sensibility and while away the day reading and picking flowers... sigh... if only...

But it has inspired me to head down to our local 'St Vinnies' to purchase the lovely tea set I saw the other day but was hesitant to buy as it wouldve made the trip home at the bottom of William's pram over bumps and dodging joggers and dogs... hope its still there!

On a sadder note my uncles are starting to arrive from around the world to spend time with my grandpa who is not well and may not be with us for much longer... it is hard. I think I will dedicate a post to my grandpa soon.. he is wonderful and I love him.

Candice x

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh happy day...

William helping me 'unpack' the groceries

Life is so busy and great and wonderful and fun!

I dont know how all the other crafty mums manage to get everything done in a day and you know what... I dont care anymore :) yay! Im happy being me - finally!!! Im happy with the fact that I spend all day with my little boy and then while he is napping I either explore the crafty interent world or nap too (my favourite)..

I love getting out whenever we can - I cant stay in the house all day, no sir eee, thats not for meee! Plus I am starting to discover that my little boy is very 'active' and has to see everything, touch everything, do everything - which some days I must admit, drives me crazy but if I have had a good nights sleep and remember to tell myself that this wont last for long and to enjoy it, I do - I can get in there and run around, roll on the floor, climb on the couch with him :)

Soon I will get back into working hard on making things :) but for now its been lovely having a break and relaxing (for want of a better word) a bit! Now all I need is a little holiday somewhere so William and I can explore another world..

Candice x


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