Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh happy day...

William helping me 'unpack' the groceries

Life is so busy and great and wonderful and fun!

I dont know how all the other crafty mums manage to get everything done in a day and you know what... I dont care anymore :) yay! Im happy being me - finally!!! Im happy with the fact that I spend all day with my little boy and then while he is napping I either explore the crafty interent world or nap too (my favourite)..

I love getting out whenever we can - I cant stay in the house all day, no sir eee, thats not for meee! Plus I am starting to discover that my little boy is very 'active' and has to see everything, touch everything, do everything - which some days I must admit, drives me crazy but if I have had a good nights sleep and remember to tell myself that this wont last for long and to enjoy it, I do - I can get in there and run around, roll on the floor, climb on the couch with him :)

Soon I will get back into working hard on making things :) but for now its been lovely having a break and relaxing (for want of a better word) a bit! Now all I need is a little holiday somewhere so William and I can explore another world..

Candice x


  1. Lovely post :) I'm with you on getting out of the house too! We go out every morning ... which makes the rest of the day at home SO much nicer! He's getting big! mara

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  3. Hi there, I'm a Kiwi mum...the outdoors is my passion & my nine month old seems never to want to be indoors either lol. Great to know, regardless of how busy our lives are - house upkeep, children, work from home's nice to know other mums are actively engaging in the outdoors with their kids.

    My daughter is so active I love it! Especially when we frolic on the beach, or I see her about to put sand in her mouth lol.

    See you on the C2M grapevine.




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