Wednesday, December 30, 2009

loving at the moment...

Well at the moment I am on a hunt for a Duck softie for my little boy - who is obsessed with them!!! I dont know how many times ive glued together a duck decortation from the christmas tree - he has been so good with the tree and doesnt touch anything else except for the duck :) and loves to show whoever comes to visit the 'dut'..

Soooo.. I found one but I am also tempted to make one...
Bought : Organic Cotton Duck (I wanted to get an organic softie as we have just found out that he may have asthma)
Make : Lucy Goosey (i know its a Goose but thats also a Duck isnt it?)

image courtesy of the long thread

So while on my nightly internet surfing ;) (do they still call it that - haha) I came across this post from Mini Stylista and have absolutely fallen in love with the prints from Belle & Boo and sooooo want to have a little girl next... sigh... So anyway looking at the prints reminded me of a purchase I made the other day from Pulp - a set of prints that I cannot wait to frame and put up (once I move my office into the garage)

Well I best get off this box and go see how my husband is coping getting our son to sleep - sigh...


  1. So... did you make Lucy Goosey? She looks very cute. I too love Belle & Boo. Gorgeous little faces and floaty hair. My Favourite Spot... are my faves.

  2. I havent made her yet :) in the process of making a few birthday presents but have her all cut out and ready to sew... Will post a picture of her once she is complete!! Although might turn her into a boy duck for my son.. hhmmm what could you call a boy duck - apart from Donald ;)



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