Thursday, December 17, 2009

Im back!

Wow I just realised I havent written a post for over a month!
I have been a little bit busy and also not so busy at all - taking a break :)

What have I been up to?
Well after the Junior Upmarket our little family of 3 went on a large family of 22 holiday down to Eagle Bay, which was absolutely lovely - we saw whales every morning and spent lots of fun family times together..

I have also taken on some other work - well.. more like going back to old work... Before I had William I was working as a Mechanical Drafter while completing my degree in Interior Architecture, and decided to leave the position a few weeks before William's birth.
Well now that I am able to, I have decided to take in some drafting which allows me to earn a more regular income as well as being able to work from home!!! fantastic!

However because of this I now have even less time to devote to milly&me which makes me a bit sad.. but I will get back into it in the new year.. I have been sewing lots still though! working on new designs for next year and making lots of Christmas pressies - yay.. Fun!!!

My latest projects are a summer dress for my neices birthday and a cute softie for my nephew.. both of which are not finished yet but I thought id post them up :)

Gracie's dress.. just finishing the trim :)

A creature (as my mum calls them) for Jasper - just have to sew the top opening close

Well thats some of what ive been up to, including custom orders and christmas present making and wrapping :)

Gotta dash, my precious boy has awoken and is not happy..


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