Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Market Days

Well during the month of November we went to 2 markets and had lots of fun!

So now I have a bit of time I thought id write a little about my experiences :)

Mathildas Markets...

Our first ever markets! Got up super early and drove about half an hour to Belmont to set up.. I was a bit nervous about how I was going to set up and fit everything in but it all worked out really well! Although I forgot to bring a camera so had to take photos on my mobile so they are a bit fuzzy :) The lovely lady in the photo below is my ma ;).. she sat with me all day and helped so much! My dad made the display in the background and also made a rack for the onsies and bags which sat on the left, and helped set up and pack everything up.. i know what a great dad hey!
My hubby wanted to help ;) but someone had to look after William - they did come and visit us though and took us all out for a late lunch afterwards..

Had such a great time talking to everyone and learnt so much!

The next weekend we had ..

Junior Upmarket ...

I also wasnt sure what to expect with these markets as this was to be a new event for the Upmarket crew with a whole new setup and location.. But it worked out really well and had a wonderful little area to set up. Decided not to use a table and instead had a sort of walk in/shop type thing going on :)

I had planned it all the day before and managed to find the shelves on the left from target (they are clothes drying racks) and made some fabric covers for each shelf - then quickly made the bunting behind so dont look too closely at it :) it needs a bit more attention for the next markets.

I took the pictures (with a dodgy camera - really need to remember to bring my camera next time) early on while I was still setting up but you get the idea :)

Totally different feel to Mathildas and was so busy the whole day! absolutely exhausted by the end of it..

Things I learnt from my first lot of markets :

1. Bring a good camera
2. Wear a name badge
3. Have more flyers and business cards
4. Put a sticker or business card in bags
5. Have a better system of recording my stock and keep track of it.
6. Get someone to help and stay for a few hours - it was so tiring trying to do it by myself at Junior Upmarket.
7. Make some time to go around to all the other stalls - I tried to at Mathildas but had absolutely no time at Upmarket.
8. try and promote it a bit more - take flyers to gymbaroo etc.

So overall it was a great experience but like I said it was exhausting and I took a bit of a break from my sewing machine afterwards :)

Candice xxx


  1. WOW! What an AWESOME article! So very interesting and well-written. You should be so proud of yourself for achieving all that you have! You are SUPERWOMAN!! And what lovely parents (and hubby) you have!! I'm so glad this is going great-guns for you.. you deserve it! Can't wait to see you at the next lot of markets.. when are they? xo

  2. Well done, so much learn't from your first few markets. Upmarket is awesome as is Junior Upmarket.
    Julie @ Handmade



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