Thursday, December 30, 2010

waiting for baby

Well I am now 38 weeks pregnant and playing the waiting game....

On Christmas Eve I called my husband, who had been to church with his mum, to let him know that I was having contractions that were more painful than I had previously felt, accompanied with back and period type pain.. so I thought that we should go in and get it checked out as I am going for a VBAC this time around and have been told to call should anything worry me...

Well things had started but not enough to keep me there so we went home but came back in on Boxing Day due to bleeding and was told to come in again in 2 days for a checkup...
All is good now, still having braxton hicks and slight bleeding but feel fine and am now just waiting it out in the heat...

Went to the shops yesterday and really struggled with walking around as baby is engaged and putting alot of pressure on my pelvic region :)

Off to the OB in a couple of hours, was feeling like the baby would be coming soon but now not so sure. Definitely want to make it past NYE so am resting up lots...

Other than that I need to get onto promoting my stuff and getting it all online. Also need to think about what markets I want to do next year..

Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a happy New Year..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

back.. :)

my little stall at Market Girl

Well yay I finally have some time to sit and work on my blog and facebook page!
Mr milly&me is working on the garden while mini milly&me rides his bike around the backyard :) We are having a big joint party here next weekend for the 2 of them! Having so much fun planning it - will have to do a seperate post on that soon..

So today I wanted to share with you all my market experiences for the year.. I did 2 this year and should've done more but it took me about a week to get over each of them, this baby in my belly is quite demanding already and even though I thought I could do it (and I did!) it took quite a toll on me phyiscally..

The first weekend of November we had a stall at Market Girl - Boutique Markets which was the first one the 2 lovely ladies from Market Girl had put on and they really did such an amazing job - I loved the venue and the layout and Emma and Teneille are so friendly, warm and welcoming that it made for such a great atmosphere.
I met many lovely people and stall holders and had a wonderful day :)

at Junior Upmarket

The next weekend I had a stall at Junior Upmarket at Little Feet Festival which was such a different experience all together but equally as fun! It was so nice to be outdoors after being couped up inside sewing for the last couple of weeks.. The Festival was a fantastic place for kiddies and I met many more lovely people and stallholders! Thanks Justine for bringing your Upmarket name up north :)

So there you go.. and now I am going to try and sell all my stuff on facebook! ekk will see how that goes, will then put it all on madeit once that's done..

Hope you are all well
Candice xxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

what a Sunday :)

Well yesterday was meant to be rainy and cold and yucky.. but it wasnt really.. It was a bit chilly but lovely in the sun!
So.. in the morn' my 2 men (big and little) and I went and met some friends of ours at Mallard Duck for brekkie - it was lovely.. yummy food and not too pricy either which was nice :) Although I wasnt feeling the best due to some yucky cold sicky-ness, I managed to really enjoy myself - maybe it was due to the fact that i'd spent almost the whole week indoors!

After a belly filling morning I dropped my husband at his sister's home so that he could help them move house.. and came back almost 3 hours later, picked him up and then dropped him off at the Captain Stirling so that he could meet a few friends.. Well fortunately the Captain Stirling is located just up the road from the University of WA, where Perth Upmarket was being held - yay! so I popped down, just before closing, managed to see almost all the stores, bought a nice dress and met a few lovely people - all in all a very fulfilling day!!

I love Perth Upmarket and have taken part in their Junior Upmarket in the past and will be doing another one in November :) The retailers really are all so lovely and their wares are just so amazing.. I wanted to share a few with you today! I hope you like them as much as I did.. ;)

1. Kool Kode - Love love love these adorable beanies..!!!
2. Beau Est Mien - this lady is so unbelievably talented! I bought a stamp last year and love it!!
3. Mokoh Designs - these guys are just cool! If I had more time I wouldve gone back to their store and either bought a tea towel or a print
4. Mek&Bud - some very cute earrings
5. White Square - lovely.. just lovely...
6. Hem'd - beautiful kids clothes
7. Two Little Banshees - love this store.. am always drawn to it.. :)
8. Old Grey House - lovely textiles..
9. Pain d'Epices - really really loved this store.. !!
10. Patricia Fernandes - lovely pieces.. very simple and beautiful

So there you go - please note though that I didnt have time to get around to everyone and missed out on alot of the Junior Upmarket but all the stores had lovely stuff and I recommend the next one to anyone wanting something different, handcrafted and unique :)

Candice x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I lOvE Softies :)

So today I am going to blog about some lovely softies I found on facebook..
I love cute and quirky ones.. ones that would look so happy sitting on my sewing table with me, surrounded by all the softies that I make but dont have the heart to sell - I do get quite attached to them :)

Oh and for anyone thinking of making softies.. maybe hold off on the Owl making for awhile - there are heaps!!!!

Here they are...

1. Mod the Monster by Little Elm Studio
2. Owl by Red Stitch Designs
3. Personalised Elephant by Imagination in Flight (my son has this exact one - made by a very lovely and generous lady:)
4. Felt Baby Owl by Pluska
5. Henry the little Rabbit by atomic lawrence and me
6. Holly Dolly by Sassilu (I want a little girl so I can buy her cute dolls :)

That's it for today.. gotta run, my little boy is sick today and fell asleep in the car on the way to the hairdresser (we had to turn around and go home) .. poor sausage, so im off to check on him and make sure he is warm enough..

Hope you are all healthy and well
Candice x

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Madeit Fun Finds :)

Yay, I finally got around to doing it :)

So today my finds are based on the fact that I am doing my little boys new room at the moment, and our theme is... yep.. cars! well it started off as transport but its moved more towards cars. I know its a bit boring, but he loves them and I have a few good ideas involving paint, walls and dinky cars :) Will post about that another time..

Here are my finds and where you can find them!

1. Hanging pocket organiser by kitty n' kitsch
2. Vintage cars wall stickers by Mae
3. Car Frame Art by the papertie affair
4. Matchbox car pocket by LAcrafts
5. Cars bunting by Little Foxes
6. Reversible Car hat by Jojas

So there you have it - Im sorry if you are not interested in cars, but many of these lovely people make other things too, so if you click on the link to their store im sure you will find something you like :)

Candice x

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I didnt know what to put as my post title because today I have a few random things to talk about...

First, I have applied for some markets in November! Ekk I hope I am ready in time, although I think I will be as I have a few things that I have made recently and have lots more to do.. Should be fun. I am due mid Jan with bubba # 2 so fingers crossed I am not as big as a house by November :) hehe.. I am slowly catching up with my belly now - I just popped out at 12 weeks and I looked 5 months - am 4 months now so not looking so massive ;)

Second, I came across this recipe on Buttons by Lou Lou's blog and am so going to make it! Not sure when, maybe this weekend and take it over to mum's house for afternoon tea one day :) I can't wait, I luurrvve Lemon Meringue Pie (how funny is the word meringue - try say it as its spelt, its funny :)

Thirdly, I am going to try and post a weekly madeit fun finds post, I wont choose a day because some days im just knackered by the time its my little boy's nap time that it becomes my nap time too, and thats when I usually get all my work done.. So will just say that I will try and do it once a week! Might even do one now.. I have been looking at a few things recently - I find madeit so tempting.. paypal is just too easy sometimes ;)

I hope you are all having a good Tuesday - Tuesday's are a funny day.. not Monday which is a 'right lets get on with it' day, not Wednesday which is a 'yay halfway there' day, not Friday which is a 'phew, weekend tomorrow', even Thursdays are a fairly happening day (well they are in my house anyway).. So Tuesdays are.. a day when I forget that big Mr has Lacrosse training and take out something like a roast to cook, which isnt fun cooking and cutting and eating on your own.. But I remembered today and took out mince - its spag bol for us tonight...

Doesnt look like i'll get the madeit thing done today, I hear little mr stirring in the monitor.. Oh well, will see what tomorrow brings :)

Candice x

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nice People

Aren't people who comment on blogs nice? !! I think they are.. it means they have taken the time to read your post and then even more time to think of and write something nice.. so heart warming..
A lovely lady commented on my last post and was so pleased to find that she lives in my state.. yes it is the biggest state in the country but she is here.. :)
Here is her blog.. please have a read and even comment if you like..

Oh and its still sooooooo freezing here! I dont remember winter being like this, no rain and freezing temps?

Candice xxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

Exciting news :)

Well I have been away for awhile... over a month! But I am back and feel refreshed and all ready to get back into things..

The main reason that I was away for so long was... bah da da bah.. We are having another baby :) yippeee.. due mid Jan next year. I have been a bit out of sorts with some fairly yucky bouts of morning sickness, which meant all my spare time was spent sleeping or lying on the couch.. but thankfully it went away last week.. phew. The thing with morning sickness is that it kinda takes all the fun out of being pregnant - its horrible and depressing really! You wake up sick, feel sick all day and go to bed sick..and not to mention the spewing.. sorry! hhhmmm - I really feel for those mothers out there who have it really, really bad and who have it the whole 9 months! eekk now I really couldnt handle that..

Anyway I am 14 weeks now (but look about 5 months! - you should see the size of my belly, people keep asking if im having twins!) and feeling pretty good, the occasional feeling of ickiness every now and then, but pretty much 100%..

So I am finally sitting back out in the office that I share with my wonderful husband and making plans and getting ideas for the next direction for milly&me.. I have been thinking of lots of things and can't wait to compile a proper plan and start acting on it! I have decided that I would like to concentrate on a central theme this time, instead of making things willy nilly.. I have had an idea in my head since the beginning, of the direction that I would like milly&me to take but was way laid along the way.. I will endeavour this time to stay on track and maybe not buy so much material.. :)

Well I hear my little boy stirring in the monitor so I think its time for me to log off and go make us all some lunch :)

I hope you are all staying warm.. its so cold at the moment, isnt it!!!??

Candice x

ps.. the picture is of my son at a few days old back in '08 :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ohh and..

image via madebyjoel

I am so in awe of this man at the moment... made by Joel is an amazing blog and I can't wait to start making some of his ideas with my little mr.. my big mr was also quite impressed.

What I find so cool is that his stuff is just that.. cool! Its clever and well thought out and looks so lovely. I just hope that when I come to attempt some it I have the patience to make it look as good :)

This is such a great site for the up coming winter months for all of you with little ones to keep entertained! Check it out :)

byeee xxx

its sunny and lovely...

Its actually quite hard to keep up a blog - I totally admire all those people who manage to do it everyday - well done!
I have been up to not much really.. well my little boy has been a bit sick recently and so have just been making sure he is happy and well fed :) He hasnt had too many colds yet (touch wood!) but it is only the beginning of winter. The only problem is that he gets asthma when he gets a cold so not only is he feeling yucky but he can't breathe properly either - quite a stressful time for all involved! I do not want to make another trip to the hospital for a 2 day stay again so made sure I was fully on top of it this time..

I hope that everyone has been well though.. Winter is a very lovely time (well I think so) but it does mean the increase in colds and flu. I am glad though that I didnt get my son immunised this year - quite a scare over here in WA for awhile there.. I had my first flu shot ever and managed to come down with a horrible horrible cold almost straight after - hmpf and they tell you it doesnt give you a cold.. I dont believe that for a second!

Well in between colds and flus I have been making a few custom orders as well as presents for mothers day, birthdays and thank yous.. Its been fun! But know I need to get back into making stuff for my madeit store - its starting to look a bit empty..

Here are a few pics of things ive been making, I am also working on a little surprise for my nephew for his 4th birthday on Monday - will post pics when im finished :)

cute coasters..

teething bibs!

bye for now.. hope to see you soon x

Monday, April 26, 2010

here we are...

"here we are..
we've come so far....

could you think it over..
when we get older..
i'll still want you here with me...
darling, i hope that you agree..
there's something that takes place...
whenever we embrace...
im hoping that you'll take this chance..
steppin out to dance.."

sigh.. oh for the days of dancing uninhibited on the dance floor.. moving in the middle of a crowd of people, not caring who can see you.. not worrying what you look like... and all completely sober :) haha.. I love to dance.. and more than that, I love to feel.. I love the feeling music gives you.. starts in your tummy.. swirling around, warming you up.. making its way up until you just have to wave your hands in the air and wiggle your bum.. hahaha..
I love this song, it makes me think of my husband :)

Here is a link to this song on youtube... its not the best but you can hide the window, and jiggle your bum in your chair while you write on your blog ;)

ps.. oh and just in case you think i only listen to dance music... i have to add that i probably listen to dance music about 40% of the time and the rest of the time its all Mondo Rock baby! haha nah not really, but I do love them :) listening to Foreigner at the moment.. and dont mind a bit of Toto every now and then too ... :)

love this blog!!!

oh my goodness... I love this blog!!! Its so good to read something so well written and full of laughs :) I hope you check it out and have a giggle.. especially the posts where her husband hijacks her blog.. hiiilllarious.
Peace out x

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten Things

Ten Things... about me!!!
Play along too if you like - Pip started it!

1. I have a birth mark at the top of my right thigh which looks like a lion's paw print - I love it! But no-one really gets to see it unless im wearing my bathers and I point it out to them - im very proud of it and when I was little I used to dream that one day a long lost tribe from Africa would declare that I was their Queen because of my lion print stamp!

2. I was born in Zimbabwe.. I still LOVE going there on holidays but am a bit glad that my mum and dad moved to Aus in the late 80's to give my bros and I a better chance at life...

3. I have a degree in Interior Architecture and graduated 8 months pregnant... I walked across the stage in front of lots and lots of people with a big belly sticking out of my gown and mum said that people clapped extra hard for me :) - It was very hard doing my final year thesis pregnant!

4. I met my husband when I was 19 but didnt get together with him until I was 23 but I knew at 19 that this was the man I was going to marry :)

5. I would love to open a cute little store selling only handmade, mainly kids stuff... hopefully one day I will fulfil my dream, maybe when my kids are all at school.

6. I LOVE snow skiing!! especially with my dad who is mad about it and all winter looks up the snow forcast for NZ just to see whats happening and what he is missing out on.. He plans to go every year but my mum doesnt like it as much... poor dad.

7. my mum is my absolute best friend - i love her! i think she is an angel and would love to be like her - in fact every day i try to be like her!!!

8. I love making people things and love giving presents but dont like it when people thank me for them... weird, i know.. I guess what it is, is that im scared that they wont like it and that their thank yous will be forced so i just dont want to hear the thank you at all... hmmm im weird.

9. I am in love 100% with my son! I just adore him.. its amazing the love you have for your child, it really really amazes me every day..

10. My all time favourite food is lasagne (but i never order it in restaurants).. and I always remeber when I had braces, my mum making it for dinner every time I would get them tightened, which frustrated me because I couldnt eat it, so mum had to cut it all up and I would try in pain to get it down... Still to this day every time I make lasagne I think of getting my braces tightened - ouch!

Monday, April 12, 2010

free printables.. yay!

check out these lovely blogs.. oohh they are lovely! These gals are so into being kind and making the world a nicer, happier place just by inspiring people to think of others and to be kind - I love em' ;) They have lots and lots of free crafty things to do and some super cute printables... i so need to go and get some ink for my printer!!!

1. kind over matter - go to the left of the blog and click on the freebies icon :)

2. creature comforts - its on the right :)

have fun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

i made them... mmm yum..

Well this morning after my blog posts i managed to make the yummy scrummy Portuguese Custard Tarts and they are deliciousoso...
Here are a few pics... enjoy :)

Candice xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i couldn't resist

mmmmmm so in love with reading recipes and looking at food blogs ... my mouth is watering...

we have a friend coming to stay with us tomorrow for about 5 days and I am so going to make some yummy food (my husband has been on a bit of a health kick for months and so I have been reluctant to make yummy fatty things :)!!!

first off will be these oh so divine looking Portuguese Custard Tarts - because I have all the ingredients already ;)

then anything from one of my favourite food blogs.. smitten kitchen .. i am thinking maybe some onion tart or.. mmm maybe... some caramelised onion and goats cheese cornbread or a potato and rosemary loaf .. i can't decide!!!

Yay!! can't wait to start cooking :)

blog loving..

Every day I spend what seems like minutes but must be hours ;) looking and reading people's blogs.. I love it! I love all the fun creative people out there - they are so inspiring..
so I thought I would share my favourite for today...
Kirin Notebook - Lara Cameron's (of Ink & Spindle) blog is always full of lovely little bits and pieces - tutes on how to mount pictures, her artwork and my favourite so far a blog on her new collaboration with the wall sticker company - oohhh wall stickers.... yay!!! and they are only available for 2 months!
I just love wall stickers.. and could spend millions on them :) I have to resist though as our mulberry tree unfortunately has decided not to grow money..... :( but we do love its delicious mulberries :)

so now that I have my blog fix out of the way (for now anyway) I better go and get ready for the day - gymbaroo, picking up brothers from train stations, cleaning the house.. all that fun stuff.
I hope you all have a fun day too xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

what im listen' to

Well back in the day (BC - before child) I occasionally dj'd out and about.. and loved it! in fact would still be loving it if they could install a play pen behind the decks :) hehe jus' jokes

Anyway I am so out of that scene I have no idea what is good and 'cool' but what I do know is what I like.. :)

So I was extra excited when an old friend of mine sent me a mix he uploaded on the net a few months ago - its awesome and I love listening to it while I write, think or sew :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do - Beats & Buds Volume 1 by James A

Candice x

pretty in pink custom romper

Yay!!! finally finished a custom romper :)
It took a bit longer than expected as I have been visiting my grandpa alot recently..

I am happy with the result and made a plain one to put on madeit along with some baby bloomers and a cute owl t-shirt :)

I am about to start on a 'creature' for my sister-in-law to give to a friend of hers.. can't wait! love creating my 'creatures' :)

Isnt it fun being crafty! I love working with my hands... I am thinking of doing a screen printing course soon - really really want to start printing some designs onto fabric/clothing.. I love sewing too but I just have so many design ideas that I want to get onto fabric... I guess I could also put them onto paper and then wouldn't need to do a screen printing course.. but for some reason I just love fabric and want to make pretty things :)

I hope you are all enjoying this thursday... its funny weather here in Perth. Bit humid - which I dont like but at the same time it brings back nice memories of Africa.

ta ta xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Gramps

My Gramps... John Hook

I love my Grandpa.
He is one of those men that manners has definitely made.
Even as he is sick and weak he offers his chair to others and inquires after their health
and when asked how he is, he replies 'fit as a fiddle'.
He is skin and bones.. it is so hard to look - he is still there and I know it is him
but how could this happen, how could it happen to such a wonderful man?
Why? Why does he have to go through this?

My Grandpa loved to joke and play around with all his grandkids
he loved us all equally and always made time for us.
My best memories are of when we would go back to Zim on holidays
and stay with Gran and Gramps.
Every morning we would wake up early and jump out of bed
to go and swim and do exercises with Grandpa,
then after a bath and clean clothes
head to the kitchen for fish and egg :)

I wish I could take his pain, I wish he didnt have to go through this.

I hate cancer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i can across this lovely blog...

image via tweexcore

While reading Pip's almost daily Meet Me at Mike's blog post email I came across this link to Dottie Angel and immediately fell in love with her writing.. wow its just so lovely and inspiring.. it makes you want to dress in your best Sunday afternoon dress, pack a picnic in a vintage suitcase with porcelain cups and a teapot and cheese and cucumber sandwiches.... then on a lovely handmade picnic rug, lie back with your worn copy of sense and sensibility and while away the day reading and picking flowers... sigh... if only...

But it has inspired me to head down to our local 'St Vinnies' to purchase the lovely tea set I saw the other day but was hesitant to buy as it wouldve made the trip home at the bottom of William's pram over bumps and dodging joggers and dogs... hope its still there!

On a sadder note my uncles are starting to arrive from around the world to spend time with my grandpa who is not well and may not be with us for much longer... it is hard. I think I will dedicate a post to my grandpa soon.. he is wonderful and I love him.

Candice x

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh happy day...

William helping me 'unpack' the groceries

Life is so busy and great and wonderful and fun!

I dont know how all the other crafty mums manage to get everything done in a day and you know what... I dont care anymore :) yay! Im happy being me - finally!!! Im happy with the fact that I spend all day with my little boy and then while he is napping I either explore the crafty interent world or nap too (my favourite)..

I love getting out whenever we can - I cant stay in the house all day, no sir eee, thats not for meee! Plus I am starting to discover that my little boy is very 'active' and has to see everything, touch everything, do everything - which some days I must admit, drives me crazy but if I have had a good nights sleep and remember to tell myself that this wont last for long and to enjoy it, I do - I can get in there and run around, roll on the floor, climb on the couch with him :)

Soon I will get back into working hard on making things :) but for now its been lovely having a break and relaxing (for want of a better word) a bit! Now all I need is a little holiday somewhere so William and I can explore another world..

Candice x


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