Monday, September 13, 2010

what a Sunday :)

Well yesterday was meant to be rainy and cold and yucky.. but it wasnt really.. It was a bit chilly but lovely in the sun!
So.. in the morn' my 2 men (big and little) and I went and met some friends of ours at Mallard Duck for brekkie - it was lovely.. yummy food and not too pricy either which was nice :) Although I wasnt feeling the best due to some yucky cold sicky-ness, I managed to really enjoy myself - maybe it was due to the fact that i'd spent almost the whole week indoors!

After a belly filling morning I dropped my husband at his sister's home so that he could help them move house.. and came back almost 3 hours later, picked him up and then dropped him off at the Captain Stirling so that he could meet a few friends.. Well fortunately the Captain Stirling is located just up the road from the University of WA, where Perth Upmarket was being held - yay! so I popped down, just before closing, managed to see almost all the stores, bought a nice dress and met a few lovely people - all in all a very fulfilling day!!

I love Perth Upmarket and have taken part in their Junior Upmarket in the past and will be doing another one in November :) The retailers really are all so lovely and their wares are just so amazing.. I wanted to share a few with you today! I hope you like them as much as I did.. ;)

1. Kool Kode - Love love love these adorable beanies..!!!
2. Beau Est Mien - this lady is so unbelievably talented! I bought a stamp last year and love it!!
3. Mokoh Designs - these guys are just cool! If I had more time I wouldve gone back to their store and either bought a tea towel or a print
4. Mek&Bud - some very cute earrings
5. White Square - lovely.. just lovely...
6. Hem'd - beautiful kids clothes
7. Two Little Banshees - love this store.. am always drawn to it.. :)
8. Old Grey House - lovely textiles..
9. Pain d'Epices - really really loved this store.. !!
10. Patricia Fernandes - lovely pieces.. very simple and beautiful

So there you go - please note though that I didnt have time to get around to everyone and missed out on alot of the Junior Upmarket but all the stores had lovely stuff and I recommend the next one to anyone wanting something different, handcrafted and unique :)

Candice x

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