Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I lOvE Softies :)

So today I am going to blog about some lovely softies I found on facebook..
I love cute and quirky ones.. ones that would look so happy sitting on my sewing table with me, surrounded by all the softies that I make but dont have the heart to sell - I do get quite attached to them :)

Oh and for anyone thinking of making softies.. maybe hold off on the Owl making for awhile - there are heaps!!!!

Here they are...

1. Mod the Monster by Little Elm Studio
2. Owl by Red Stitch Designs
3. Personalised Elephant by Imagination in Flight (my son has this exact one - made by a very lovely and generous lady:)
4. Felt Baby Owl by Pluska
5. Henry the little Rabbit by atomic lawrence and me
6. Holly Dolly by Sassilu (I want a little girl so I can buy her cute dolls :)

That's it for today.. gotta run, my little boy is sick today and fell asleep in the car on the way to the hairdresser (we had to turn around and go home) .. poor sausage, so im off to check on him and make sure he is warm enough..

Hope you are all healthy and well
Candice x


  1. Thanks for including my elly and the lovely words.

  2. Some super cute little things in there! I seriously had no idea that FB was for more things than inexpertly stalking ex-boyfriends and befriending old high school chums til not so long ago! :) Thanks for your lovely tweet today too. xx

  3. ooh! Lovely to meet another Perth blogger! Looking forward to looking through your blog!
    Jen xo

  4. Love Mod the Monster... he is just too cute!



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