Wednesday, December 30, 2009

loving at the moment...

Well at the moment I am on a hunt for a Duck softie for my little boy - who is obsessed with them!!! I dont know how many times ive glued together a duck decortation from the christmas tree - he has been so good with the tree and doesnt touch anything else except for the duck :) and loves to show whoever comes to visit the 'dut'..

Soooo.. I found one but I am also tempted to make one...
Bought : Organic Cotton Duck (I wanted to get an organic softie as we have just found out that he may have asthma)
Make : Lucy Goosey (i know its a Goose but thats also a Duck isnt it?)

image courtesy of the long thread

So while on my nightly internet surfing ;) (do they still call it that - haha) I came across this post from Mini Stylista and have absolutely fallen in love with the prints from Belle & Boo and sooooo want to have a little girl next... sigh... So anyway looking at the prints reminded me of a purchase I made the other day from Pulp - a set of prints that I cannot wait to frame and put up (once I move my office into the garage)

Well I best get off this box and go see how my husband is coping getting our son to sleep - sigh...

Market Days

Well during the month of November we went to 2 markets and had lots of fun!

So now I have a bit of time I thought id write a little about my experiences :)

Mathildas Markets...

Our first ever markets! Got up super early and drove about half an hour to Belmont to set up.. I was a bit nervous about how I was going to set up and fit everything in but it all worked out really well! Although I forgot to bring a camera so had to take photos on my mobile so they are a bit fuzzy :) The lovely lady in the photo below is my ma ;).. she sat with me all day and helped so much! My dad made the display in the background and also made a rack for the onsies and bags which sat on the left, and helped set up and pack everything up.. i know what a great dad hey!
My hubby wanted to help ;) but someone had to look after William - they did come and visit us though and took us all out for a late lunch afterwards..

Had such a great time talking to everyone and learnt so much!

The next weekend we had ..

Junior Upmarket ...

I also wasnt sure what to expect with these markets as this was to be a new event for the Upmarket crew with a whole new setup and location.. But it worked out really well and had a wonderful little area to set up. Decided not to use a table and instead had a sort of walk in/shop type thing going on :)

I had planned it all the day before and managed to find the shelves on the left from target (they are clothes drying racks) and made some fabric covers for each shelf - then quickly made the bunting behind so dont look too closely at it :) it needs a bit more attention for the next markets.

I took the pictures (with a dodgy camera - really need to remember to bring my camera next time) early on while I was still setting up but you get the idea :)

Totally different feel to Mathildas and was so busy the whole day! absolutely exhausted by the end of it..

Things I learnt from my first lot of markets :

1. Bring a good camera
2. Wear a name badge
3. Have more flyers and business cards
4. Put a sticker or business card in bags
5. Have a better system of recording my stock and keep track of it.
6. Get someone to help and stay for a few hours - it was so tiring trying to do it by myself at Junior Upmarket.
7. Make some time to go around to all the other stalls - I tried to at Mathildas but had absolutely no time at Upmarket.
8. try and promote it a bit more - take flyers to gymbaroo etc.

So overall it was a great experience but like I said it was exhausting and I took a bit of a break from my sewing machine afterwards :)

Candice xxx

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Lovely Miss Mara from Piquant Jewellery has awarded me with a Kreativ Blogger award - thanks!

So apparently there are a few things I have to do to recieve the award:

7 rules to keep it growing:

1) Copy picture and post on your blog ✓
2) Thank the person who gave it to you and link to their blog ✓
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know: ✓

Phew....7 things hey!... here goes...

1. I was born in Zimbabwe.
2. I love hanging up washing.. it relaxes me.. yes i am weird.
3. I have the most wonderful bestest friend in the whole world who is always there - everyone needs someone like that hey :)
4. I would be happy to live anywhere as long as I had my family nearby.
5. I love fabric.. its a problem.. I have so much I dont know where to put it...
6. I love giving! I love it, i do.. I love seeing the present receivers face light up.. I love giving things especially made for that person!
7. I have never felt such an overwhelming love before like the love I feel for my son - its unbelievable!!!!

4) choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to, and ✓
5) link to those 7 other bloggers ✓

These blogs all inspire and delight me :)

Next thing on the list...
6) Notify your 7 bloggers ✓(doing that right now)

Have a great day and please stop by and say hello to the 7 bloggers on my list!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well I am having my first sale.. I was a bit silly and didnt get my act together in time for the xmas rush but .. oh well :) Im still going to have a sale!

Lots of lovely handmade goodies all on madeit and all on sale! yay!

Organic Onsies
Organic t-shirts and pants sets
Organic t-shirts
Baby Bags

Have a little look and find something special for a lovely little one :)

Happy Happy xxx

Im back!

Wow I just realised I havent written a post for over a month!
I have been a little bit busy and also not so busy at all - taking a break :)

What have I been up to?
Well after the Junior Upmarket our little family of 3 went on a large family of 22 holiday down to Eagle Bay, which was absolutely lovely - we saw whales every morning and spent lots of fun family times together..

I have also taken on some other work - well.. more like going back to old work... Before I had William I was working as a Mechanical Drafter while completing my degree in Interior Architecture, and decided to leave the position a few weeks before William's birth.
Well now that I am able to, I have decided to take in some drafting which allows me to earn a more regular income as well as being able to work from home!!! fantastic!

However because of this I now have even less time to devote to milly&me which makes me a bit sad.. but I will get back into it in the new year.. I have been sewing lots still though! working on new designs for next year and making lots of Christmas pressies - yay.. Fun!!!

My latest projects are a summer dress for my neices birthday and a cute softie for my nephew.. both of which are not finished yet but I thought id post them up :)

Gracie's dress.. just finishing the trim :)

A creature (as my mum calls them) for Jasper - just have to sew the top opening close

Well thats some of what ive been up to, including custom orders and christmas present making and wrapping :)

Gotta dash, my precious boy has awoken and is not happy..


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Junior Upmarket this Sunday

Yay we will be at Junior Upmarket this Sunday!!!

Here are the details:

When: Sunday 15th November
Time : 10am-2pm
Where : UWA Winthrop Hall Undercroft

Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

to market, to market for milly&me

Yay we are off to our first market this Sunday the 8th!!

I have been neglecting this blog for awhile now because I have been super flat out trying to get everything sewn and labeled and I still have HEAPS to do!!!! Its crazy :) but lots of fun.
So once this weekend and next weekend (more markets) are over I will be back to posting more and will also have a little post for each market experience.. yay cant wait :)

So please, for those of you in Perth, come along and check out Mathildas Market at Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre from 9am - 1pm this Sunday :)

Hope to see you there!

Candice x

Thursday, October 22, 2009

a few things

Well I have lots to write about.. but will save it all for another day when I have a spare hour or two! I have made a few purchases on etsy and zibbet as well as winning a few comps and will aim to take photos of it all in the next week and post it all here!!! Because they are all so cute and special :)

So in the meantime I am going to share 2 favourite songs of mine..
they are lovely and best taken with a cup of tea and a sunny garden..;)

1. Let Go - Frou Frou (from the movie Garden State and Love Me If You Dare)
2. Mushaboom - Feist

enjoy x

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new rompers :)

Well I came up with these a few months ago but have been busy making other things so they got put to the side.. but have finally finished my new 'Vintage Rompers'.
They come in sizes 00-1 and have a few cute girly styles coming too!

my baby is getting big

Well my little (ok not so little) boy will soon be 1!!! So admist all the getting ready for the markets chaos I need to plan his special day - I so want to make it wonderful and memorable and I know he will never remember it but I will!!! So will need to take some time to stop and think about what we will be doing and who will be coming.

Decided to make a start this morning, although I should be designing my market furniture for my dad to build as he is coming over after work to take us to get the timber.. oh well will just have to go off my sketches :)

Anyway so I thought first off that to save time I would just find a free invitation template online but there was nothing I liked so will go ahead and design my own.. Found some cute wording though..

What do you think?

If (baby) could talk, we know he/she would say..
"Come join me in celebrating my first birthday!"
(Baby) proudly invited you to his/her first birthday.

Please join us for some Birthday fun.
Our little girl / boy is turning ONE!
I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand.
Now I can walk if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun....
Look out I'm turning ONE!
Come to my party and celebrate a bit.
See my first cake, I'll be wearing it!

I can't decide which one to use :) Will have to get hubby's opinion...
and then onto the design.. yay my favourite part!
Candice x

Monday, October 5, 2009

yay! we are getting there :)

Well milly&me will be showcasing our designs and products at our first markets in November so busy busy until then - so much to do!!!

If you are in Perth then please come and find me at the Markets, they will be held at Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre on November 8th from 9am to 1pm. There is a lot of free parking around!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skout Tradefair turns 1!

well done to Skout Tradefair on upcoming 1st birthday!!!
this site is fantastic - such a great way to meet lovely like-minded peeps :) well done Skout ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

blog lovin'

I love coming across other peoples blogs through twitter :) Found this blog this morning and love it!!!
Kootoyoo blog is filled with cute little crafty projects.. I think the little ladybird usb cover is adorable and so so handy!! Check out her blog - you might come across something you HAVE to make :)

image taken and posted by Kootoyoo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Owly Owls..

Have finally got around to taking pictures of my new Owls.. still havent taken pictures of the first lot I made :) sorry poor neglected Owls that are now sitting amoungst my fabrics while I tweek and beautify the 'new' ones ;)

I seem to make a few softies at a time.. for a few reasons..
1. I never know if they are going to work so like to have a few going at a time to tweek and change as I go.
2. The first one NEVER looks like its supposed to.. silly softie.. cant you read my mind and turn out just like the picture in my head!!! sigh
3. I like to make one of whatever im making for my son :)

So here are a few pics of the softies ive been chatting to over the past few weeks :)

i love holidays!!!

I know some people would say that I am on holidays everyday staying at home looking after my son but that is definitely not the case! motherhood is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and while I do absolutely LOVE my job as a mummy its no way near a holiday... a holiday to me is lying on the beach all day reading books, then coming home all sun-kissed and salty, having a shower and jumping into bed for a nap.. ;) ... but I dont think that will be happening in my life for at least another 18 years!

So anyway.. last week my hubby, bubby and I went away with my parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle to Margaret River in the south-west of WA.. such a beautiful part of Australia.. We had an amazing time and it was so nice to have a few extra hands to help with our son..

Just wanted to post a few pics of our trip and to ask if holidays now remind us of past holidays as kids..? because everytime I go away.. anywhere.. i think of the fun times I had as a child chasing my brothers through the waves at the beach, rollerblading down our grandparents driveway, sleeping in bunk beds and sneaking out at night to climb on the roof and watch the stars... those memories stay with me forever and seem to sneak into my thoughts while on holidays now making the time I spend with friends and family seem even more special because somehow they bring back a piece of me that gets lost in the busy, crazy world...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Finally.. a moment to myself..

Do you ever have those days when your fuse is so short even the bird tweeting in the tree outside your house can get your back up..? Or am I just a crazy person today...?

Had a fairly frustrating last few hours.. my little boy went down and woke up extra early from his morning nap and I then thought I should try and keep him up until his afternoon nap time at 1pm... so from 8am to now (12pm) I read stories, fed him food, let him dismantle our dvd collection etc.. in between all that he whinged the whole time.. sigh. I felt so angry towards the end and now I feel terrible for getting angry at him when he was just tired.. So we couldnt make it to 1pm...
Anyway im starting this off all wrong!! ;)

What I wanted to talk about today was all the free help out there for everything!
First of all check out this site - its Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success and is really interesting if you are looking at using your blog to generate a following for either a business or just interested in getting your thoughts out there.
Favourite bit from this site ;
  1. Write.
  2. Write more.
  3. Write even more.
  4. Write even more than that.
  5. Write when you don’t want to.
  6. Write when you do.
  7. Write when you have something to say.
  8. Write when you don’t.
  9. Write every day.
  10. Keep writing.
hehe so thats what im going to try to do. I know I dont update this blog alot but im going to try and do it at least once a week... except for next week ;) because I will be on HOLIDAYS!!! yay

Another thing im trying to get help on is graphic design... I am looking at trying to do alot of my marketing myself including flyers, business cards, newletters etc.. I designed my logo and I know it probably needs a bit of work but I cant afford to pay anyone at the moment so need to figure stuff out on my own..
I have a bit of experience with Photoshop and InDesign from degree in Interior Architecture but need to figure out how to apply it all to Graphic Design.. So here are my helpful websites :
- You the Designer
- Graphic Design Tutorials on
- Wed design Tools List
- A guide to taking better pics for designers
- All design web resourses
- HV Designs a photoshop design blog

So hopefully some of these will help me with first my logo and then maybe a flyer... and eventually maybe even a website design *raised eyebrows*

I love the internet.. whatever question, thought or query I have I love just being able to jump, search and ponder through all the multitude of answers and links :)

Well better finish up for today and get back to sewing... will be taking more pictures sometime soon of my new Owly Owl softies.. hoot hoot!

Candice x

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what im lovin' at the moment

Well today my wall stickers finally arrived :) yay!!! from the wall sticker company and i just love them!!!!
I got 3 different wall stickers;
A cool Giraffe height chart in safari suit
Owls for my office in browns :)
and my sons name in an assortment of blues...

Next favourite thing today is.. my new tree necklace from Bratic Designs.. yay for Jess! Check out her handcrafted pieces so many lovely items to choose from :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Button bibs :)

'hippopopo' t-shirt and pants set

Blog feature of the week

Well while my little boy is asleep and hubby out for the arvo I thought id catch up on some blog time :) and thought i'd check out this blog its still a newbie (like mine) but is fast filling up with some lovely stuff! Loving her random kindness idea :)

Owly owly owly

Here is a picture of one of the owls I made for a friend's bday/ house warming... I forgot to take a snap of both of them together before I gave them to her. Will have to head to her house one day and take a picture of them in their new home.

Girl's Lounge Pants


Here are the first of my girl's lounge pants, they will also have matching t-shirts soon so will come in a set.

They come in sizes 0000, 000, 00, 0 & 1

Hope you like them :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

what i love about sundays

saturdays are great but they are so busy.. filled with running around trying to get things done while i have my husband home to look after William.. or when hubby has lacrosse it means another normal day of naps and stories :)

sundays are just... well.. a nothing day.. and thats why i like them :)

although we have a fairly full day today.. full of fun things! this morning we are going to the kids and babies markets before heading to swimming lessons.. yay! swimming lessons mean daddy takes William for a 30min lesson and i get to do laps - my exercise for the week :)

then we have promised my mum that we would come over for a sunday lunch straight from swimming... yum yum yummmyyyy!!! mum's cooking is still the best - nothing beats it and i get more excited about going to mum's for a meal than i do about going to a restaurant..

what is it about a home cooked meal (that you havent had to cook for yourself!)

an email came in my inbox the other day from 'meet me at mikes' and i was just drooling over the first picture of a potato and onion tortilla (below) - nom nom nom... mmmm get in my belly!!!! and now its all i can think about :) will have to make it myself this week but was so tempted to send the email to mum to see if she would like to make it for today - cheeky!! i shouldve made it myself to take !!!!! gosh how terrible am i...

well better go and get all the towels and bathers together for swimming today :)

picture first posted by : meet me at mikes

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the small business development corporation (a gold mine of information for people looking to start a small business)

wow what a way to get people motivated - a free seminar for small business operators who register their abn!!
this morning i got ready early and headed into town - leaving my 9 month old with my husband for the morning - and arrived at the small business development corporations (SBDC) 'workshop for home-based business'. it was so worth the drive and the rushed morning. i am now armed with a wealth of knowledge and feel ready to take on the world.. well the world of small businesses anyway..
for any of you out there thinking of starting a small business and you are in western australia - i say contact the SBDC and get them to send you out all the info BEFORE you start thinking too big (which isnt a bad thing)... and im sure there are corporations like this where ever you live.

i have been slowly trying to get all my merchandise ready before I delve into the deep end and start my web site and market my product.. so while im doing this the SBDC has been so helpful and with their help i hope to be able to tackle this new venture fully informed and armed with all that is necessary to make this business a success!!! *crossing fingers* !!

and so i have also decided to try and update this blog at least once a week and since i love to check out everyone elses blogs i will be featuring a fav each week... :) so leave me a comment if you would like your blog featured..

Candice :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

this whole new world

this whole new world of blogging, chats and websites is quite overwhelming. I find I get so caught up each day reading all these blogs and tweets and never actually get around to writing anything on my own pages.. its a bit frustrating. I seem to spend all my 'computer time' being inspired but never seem to communicate that inspiration or even let the bloggers and tweeters know that they have inspired me.. so what do I do all day?

Well I get woken at 6am by my darling son and spend the hours til his nap time dealing with him, having breakfast, getting ready for the day (which seems to take all day!) and finally I sit down and check emails, read blogs and most recently check my farm on facebook which is one of the silliest things that I have ever done, but I just cant seem to stop! I should just delete the application and be done with it but I love checking it every few hours to see whats grown - never mind my own garden which is full of weeds and dying plants (why do the weeds flourish and the plants die??)

Once all that is over I get sewing (if William hasnt woken up by then) - which is what I should be doing non-stop for at least 8 hours a day, but im lucky if I get 2hrs.. sigh.

I know that looking after a baby takes up a huge portion of my day but I just feel like I never get anything done! and this is why I struggle to keep up with all the blogs and tweets. I dont know what im going to do when I eventually set up my website and have to start marketing my product as well as making it!!!!

sigh... but this is my life and I will live it the best way I can :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

cotton on... :(

Read something today that shocked me - A fellow blogger's post 'Cotton On - are you on crack?' and had to post it here! Please read it.

I have been a Cotton On buyer for awhile now, their babies clothes have been cheap and lasted long enough until my son moved up to the next size and then they have gone into the 'passing on' box.
I will now not only be refusing to buy or accept any clothing from their store but I will be doing my best to let everyone I know about it...


Friday, July 31, 2009

a post on something different

Last night my mum and I went to a talk on natural progesterone and the general affects of our life on our bodies.
It was unbelievable and I was inspired...
If anyone gets a chance google 'natural progesterone' and also 'naturone' and see what you think.
I have decided to start slowly replacing everything we use and eat with organic/natural products, which I have been thinking of doing for some time and its something which my parents have been doing and pushing me to do for awhile now.
I believe, however, that everyone has the right to make their own choices about their lives so I wont go on about it, all I wanted to say was that it was life changing for me and even though I wont be running out today and totally replacing everything I will be making a change..

Candice :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

more softies!

William and I went to the library the other day and I found this book - More Softies. Its fabulous and I would just love to try and make every softie in the book.
Particular favourites are Victor Giraffe, Pocket Gnome, Elsie the Dog, Olga Elephant , Owl Friend and Moopy Bunny. I have a friends house warming coming up and im thinking of making two Owl Friends into cushions as a present for them...
Will post pictures of them as soon as I get around to making them - which will hopefully be soon as im itching to see how they turn out.. thinking of not following the pattern completely as i have a few ideas of my own ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sunday at mathilda's market

Well on Sunday my 2 men and I went to the Mathilda's Markets and as soon as we walked in we saw this georgeous beanie, made by MillaRuby Designs ... and had to buy it. William looks so adorable in it and it was exactly what I was looking for - a new cute and very warm beanie for him to wear out on our walks :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

ive narrowed it down

Well I have finally figured out what I want to concentrate on...!
I have had alot of fun trying different things over the past few months but have narrowed my product range down to;
1. Bibs
2. T-shirts (sizes 0,1&2)
3. Pants (sizes 0,1&2) but can take custom orders in other sizes
4. Baby bags
5. Softies (soft toys)
6. Quilts

So hopefully over the coming weeks I will post some photos (when the sun decides to shine) and even get a catalogue of some sort together :)

For now here are a few pics of our baby bags (made by Milly)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bunnies :)

Here are a couple of little bunnies I made last week.. and have just finished a big brother and sister for them..

Patchwork Rug

Mum made this patchwork quilt for William and we use it all the time.. its so handy and washes so well... Also the dark colours hide all those.. oopps.. pumpkin splotches :)
We will both be making more as well as baby blankets...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

baby's room

before our son was born i (during one of my nesting periods) decided to paint something on the wall. we didnt know what we were having so it needed to be universal and this is what i can up with... i guess this was my first real interiors project, which i learnt a bit from and i cant wait to do more :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

photos coming soon

i am about to take some photos of our most recent projects so will be posting them soon...
Having lots of fun making things and also finding new fun things to try :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

about me

hi.. i am very new to this wonderful world of blogging.. over the past few months i have been exploring the many many craft blogs and websites and have finally decided to (slowly) set up my own.. :)

basically my mum and i have been sewing, knitting and crafting for awhile now and have an idea to venture into a small business, after the birth of my son meant that my chosen profession (interior design) has taken a back seat for awhile, while i enjoy the wonder that is william :)...

anyway as i am new to this i am sure it will take me quite awhile to get the hang of posting and writing about our new venture!



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