Sunday, August 23, 2009

what i love about sundays

saturdays are great but they are so busy.. filled with running around trying to get things done while i have my husband home to look after William.. or when hubby has lacrosse it means another normal day of naps and stories :)

sundays are just... well.. a nothing day.. and thats why i like them :)

although we have a fairly full day today.. full of fun things! this morning we are going to the kids and babies markets before heading to swimming lessons.. yay! swimming lessons mean daddy takes William for a 30min lesson and i get to do laps - my exercise for the week :)

then we have promised my mum that we would come over for a sunday lunch straight from swimming... yum yum yummmyyyy!!! mum's cooking is still the best - nothing beats it and i get more excited about going to mum's for a meal than i do about going to a restaurant..

what is it about a home cooked meal (that you havent had to cook for yourself!)

an email came in my inbox the other day from 'meet me at mikes' and i was just drooling over the first picture of a potato and onion tortilla (below) - nom nom nom... mmmm get in my belly!!!! and now its all i can think about :) will have to make it myself this week but was so tempted to send the email to mum to see if she would like to make it for today - cheeky!! i shouldve made it myself to take !!!!! gosh how terrible am i...

well better go and get all the towels and bathers together for swimming today :)

picture first posted by : meet me at mikes

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