Saturday, August 22, 2009

the small business development corporation (a gold mine of information for people looking to start a small business)

wow what a way to get people motivated - a free seminar for small business operators who register their abn!!
this morning i got ready early and headed into town - leaving my 9 month old with my husband for the morning - and arrived at the small business development corporations (SBDC) 'workshop for home-based business'. it was so worth the drive and the rushed morning. i am now armed with a wealth of knowledge and feel ready to take on the world.. well the world of small businesses anyway..
for any of you out there thinking of starting a small business and you are in western australia - i say contact the SBDC and get them to send you out all the info BEFORE you start thinking too big (which isnt a bad thing)... and im sure there are corporations like this where ever you live.

i have been slowly trying to get all my merchandise ready before I delve into the deep end and start my web site and market my product.. so while im doing this the SBDC has been so helpful and with their help i hope to be able to tackle this new venture fully informed and armed with all that is necessary to make this business a success!!! *crossing fingers* !!

and so i have also decided to try and update this blog at least once a week and since i love to check out everyone elses blogs i will be featuring a fav each week... :) so leave me a comment if you would like your blog featured..

Candice :)

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