Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Owly Owls..

Have finally got around to taking pictures of my new Owls.. still havent taken pictures of the first lot I made :) sorry poor neglected Owls that are now sitting amoungst my fabrics while I tweek and beautify the 'new' ones ;)

I seem to make a few softies at a time.. for a few reasons..
1. I never know if they are going to work so like to have a few going at a time to tweek and change as I go.
2. The first one NEVER looks like its supposed to.. silly softie.. cant you read my mind and turn out just like the picture in my head!!! sigh
3. I like to make one of whatever im making for my son :)

So here are a few pics of the softies ive been chatting to over the past few weeks :)


  1. Cute softies...especially love the hippo.

  2. I adore the hippo!! It is beautiful!

    Little Bare Bear

  3. Love the hippo - I love side-on softies (does that make sense)



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