Wednesday, June 2, 2010

its sunny and lovely...

Its actually quite hard to keep up a blog - I totally admire all those people who manage to do it everyday - well done!
I have been up to not much really.. well my little boy has been a bit sick recently and so have just been making sure he is happy and well fed :) He hasnt had too many colds yet (touch wood!) but it is only the beginning of winter. The only problem is that he gets asthma when he gets a cold so not only is he feeling yucky but he can't breathe properly either - quite a stressful time for all involved! I do not want to make another trip to the hospital for a 2 day stay again so made sure I was fully on top of it this time..

I hope that everyone has been well though.. Winter is a very lovely time (well I think so) but it does mean the increase in colds and flu. I am glad though that I didnt get my son immunised this year - quite a scare over here in WA for awhile there.. I had my first flu shot ever and managed to come down with a horrible horrible cold almost straight after - hmpf and they tell you it doesnt give you a cold.. I dont believe that for a second!

Well in between colds and flus I have been making a few custom orders as well as presents for mothers day, birthdays and thank yous.. Its been fun! But know I need to get back into making stuff for my madeit store - its starting to look a bit empty..

Here are a few pics of things ive been making, I am also working on a little surprise for my nephew for his 4th birthday on Monday - will post pics when im finished :)

cute coasters..

teething bibs!

bye for now.. hope to see you soon x

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