Monday, April 26, 2010

here we are...

"here we are..
we've come so far....

could you think it over..
when we get older..
i'll still want you here with me...
darling, i hope that you agree..
there's something that takes place...
whenever we embrace...
im hoping that you'll take this chance..
steppin out to dance.."

sigh.. oh for the days of dancing uninhibited on the dance floor.. moving in the middle of a crowd of people, not caring who can see you.. not worrying what you look like... and all completely sober :) haha.. I love to dance.. and more than that, I love to feel.. I love the feeling music gives you.. starts in your tummy.. swirling around, warming you up.. making its way up until you just have to wave your hands in the air and wiggle your bum.. hahaha..
I love this song, it makes me think of my husband :)

Here is a link to this song on youtube... its not the best but you can hide the window, and jiggle your bum in your chair while you write on your blog ;)

ps.. oh and just in case you think i only listen to dance music... i have to add that i probably listen to dance music about 40% of the time and the rest of the time its all Mondo Rock baby! haha nah not really, but I do love them :) listening to Foreigner at the moment.. and dont mind a bit of Toto every now and then too ... :)

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