Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten Things

Ten Things... about me!!!
Play along too if you like - Pip started it!

1. I have a birth mark at the top of my right thigh which looks like a lion's paw print - I love it! But no-one really gets to see it unless im wearing my bathers and I point it out to them - im very proud of it and when I was little I used to dream that one day a long lost tribe from Africa would declare that I was their Queen because of my lion print stamp!

2. I was born in Zimbabwe.. I still LOVE going there on holidays but am a bit glad that my mum and dad moved to Aus in the late 80's to give my bros and I a better chance at life...

3. I have a degree in Interior Architecture and graduated 8 months pregnant... I walked across the stage in front of lots and lots of people with a big belly sticking out of my gown and mum said that people clapped extra hard for me :) - It was very hard doing my final year thesis pregnant!

4. I met my husband when I was 19 but didnt get together with him until I was 23 but I knew at 19 that this was the man I was going to marry :)

5. I would love to open a cute little store selling only handmade, mainly kids stuff... hopefully one day I will fulfil my dream, maybe when my kids are all at school.

6. I LOVE snow skiing!! especially with my dad who is mad about it and all winter looks up the snow forcast for NZ just to see whats happening and what he is missing out on.. He plans to go every year but my mum doesnt like it as much... poor dad.

7. my mum is my absolute best friend - i love her! i think she is an angel and would love to be like her - in fact every day i try to be like her!!!

8. I love making people things and love giving presents but dont like it when people thank me for them... weird, i know.. I guess what it is, is that im scared that they wont like it and that their thank yous will be forced so i just dont want to hear the thank you at all... hmmm im weird.

9. I am in love 100% with my son! I just adore him.. its amazing the love you have for your child, it really really amazes me every day..

10. My all time favourite food is lasagne (but i never order it in restaurants).. and I always remeber when I had braces, my mum making it for dinner every time I would get them tightened, which frustrated me because I couldnt eat it, so mum had to cut it all up and I would try in pain to get it down... Still to this day every time I make lasagne I think of getting my braces tightened - ouch!


  1. So with you on #9 - I feel the same way about my Grumbles!

  2. About Me feedback:
    1. That is SO cool! You should post a pic!
    2. Can't wait to go to Africa myslef.. wanted to honeymoon there.
    3. That would have been so hard! I'm asleep so often.. when would I ever study if I was pregnant!?
    4. How gorgeous and romantic! I had NO IDEA when I met mine!
    5. Hope you get to one day!
    6. Me too.. want to try snowboarding one day.
    7. That is so sweet.
    8. And you are great at making things and people happy! You'll just have to put up with those thank yous!
    9. Ditto!! But Jett of course! :)
    10. Mmmm yummo! I had braces too.. ouch!
    Enjoyed reading your TEN! :)



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