Thursday, February 18, 2010

pretty in pink custom romper

Yay!!! finally finished a custom romper :)
It took a bit longer than expected as I have been visiting my grandpa alot recently..

I am happy with the result and made a plain one to put on madeit along with some baby bloomers and a cute owl t-shirt :)

I am about to start on a 'creature' for my sister-in-law to give to a friend of hers.. can't wait! love creating my 'creatures' :)

Isnt it fun being crafty! I love working with my hands... I am thinking of doing a screen printing course soon - really really want to start printing some designs onto fabric/clothing.. I love sewing too but I just have so many design ideas that I want to get onto fabric... I guess I could also put them onto paper and then wouldn't need to do a screen printing course.. but for some reason I just love fabric and want to make pretty things :)

I hope you are all enjoying this thursday... its funny weather here in Perth. Bit humid - which I dont like but at the same time it brings back nice memories of Africa.

ta ta xx

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