Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Gramps

My Gramps... John Hook

I love my Grandpa.
He is one of those men that manners has definitely made.
Even as he is sick and weak he offers his chair to others and inquires after their health
and when asked how he is, he replies 'fit as a fiddle'.
He is skin and bones.. it is so hard to look - he is still there and I know it is him
but how could this happen, how could it happen to such a wonderful man?
Why? Why does he have to go through this?

My Grandpa loved to joke and play around with all his grandkids
he loved us all equally and always made time for us.
My best memories are of when we would go back to Zim on holidays
and stay with Gran and Gramps.
Every morning we would wake up early and jump out of bed
to go and swim and do exercises with Grandpa,
then after a bath and clean clothes
head to the kitchen for fish and egg :)

I wish I could take his pain, I wish he didnt have to go through this.

I hate cancer.

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