Monday, July 19, 2010

Nice People

Aren't people who comment on blogs nice? !! I think they are.. it means they have taken the time to read your post and then even more time to think of and write something nice.. so heart warming..
A lovely lady commented on my last post and was so pleased to find that she lives in my state.. yes it is the biggest state in the country but she is here.. :)
Here is her blog.. please have a read and even comment if you like..

Oh and its still sooooooo freezing here! I dont remember winter being like this, no rain and freezing temps?

Candice xxx


  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much :-) We will have to catch up at a craft fair or somewhere!

  2. Ps just included you in my 2nd Wednesday Wishlist posts for Madeit :-)

  3. lol back again! I passed on to you the Sunshine award - I posted about it :-)



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