Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I didnt know what to put as my post title because today I have a few random things to talk about...

First, I have applied for some markets in November! Ekk I hope I am ready in time, although I think I will be as I have a few things that I have made recently and have lots more to do.. Should be fun. I am due mid Jan with bubba # 2 so fingers crossed I am not as big as a house by November :) hehe.. I am slowly catching up with my belly now - I just popped out at 12 weeks and I looked 5 months - am 4 months now so not looking so massive ;)

Second, I came across this recipe on Buttons by Lou Lou's blog and am so going to make it! Not sure when, maybe this weekend and take it over to mum's house for afternoon tea one day :) I can't wait, I luurrvve Lemon Meringue Pie (how funny is the word meringue - try say it as its spelt, its funny :)

Thirdly, I am going to try and post a weekly madeit fun finds post, I wont choose a day because some days im just knackered by the time its my little boy's nap time that it becomes my nap time too, and thats when I usually get all my work done.. So will just say that I will try and do it once a week! Might even do one now.. I have been looking at a few things recently - I find madeit so tempting.. paypal is just too easy sometimes ;)

I hope you are all having a good Tuesday - Tuesday's are a funny day.. not Monday which is a 'right lets get on with it' day, not Wednesday which is a 'yay halfway there' day, not Friday which is a 'phew, weekend tomorrow', even Thursdays are a fairly happening day (well they are in my house anyway).. So Tuesdays are.. a day when I forget that big Mr has Lacrosse training and take out something like a roast to cook, which isnt fun cooking and cutting and eating on your own.. But I remembered today and took out mince - its spag bol for us tonight...

Doesnt look like i'll get the madeit thing done today, I hear little mr stirring in the monitor.. Oh well, will see what tomorrow brings :)

Candice x

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