Tuesday, September 29, 2009

blog lovin'

I love coming across other peoples blogs through twitter :) Found this blog this morning and love it!!!
Kootoyoo blog is filled with cute little crafty projects.. I think the little ladybird usb cover is adorable and so so handy!! Check out her blog - you might come across something you HAVE to make :)

image taken and posted by Kootoyoo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Owly Owls..

Have finally got around to taking pictures of my new Owls.. still havent taken pictures of the first lot I made :) sorry poor neglected Owls that are now sitting amoungst my fabrics while I tweek and beautify the 'new' ones ;)

I seem to make a few softies at a time.. for a few reasons..
1. I never know if they are going to work so like to have a few going at a time to tweek and change as I go.
2. The first one NEVER looks like its supposed to.. silly softie.. cant you read my mind and turn out just like the picture in my head!!! sigh
3. I like to make one of whatever im making for my son :)

So here are a few pics of the softies ive been chatting to over the past few weeks :)

i love holidays!!!

I know some people would say that I am on holidays everyday staying at home looking after my son but that is definitely not the case! motherhood is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and while I do absolutely LOVE my job as a mummy its no way near a holiday... a holiday to me is lying on the beach all day reading books, then coming home all sun-kissed and salty, having a shower and jumping into bed for a nap.. ;) ... but I dont think that will be happening in my life for at least another 18 years!

So anyway.. last week my hubby, bubby and I went away with my parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle to Margaret River in the south-west of WA.. such a beautiful part of Australia.. We had an amazing time and it was so nice to have a few extra hands to help with our son..

Just wanted to post a few pics of our trip and to ask if holidays now remind us of past holidays as kids..? because everytime I go away.. anywhere.. i think of the fun times I had as a child chasing my brothers through the waves at the beach, rollerblading down our grandparents driveway, sleeping in bunk beds and sneaking out at night to climb on the roof and watch the stars... those memories stay with me forever and seem to sneak into my thoughts while on holidays now making the time I spend with friends and family seem even more special because somehow they bring back a piece of me that gets lost in the busy, crazy world...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Finally.. a moment to myself..

Do you ever have those days when your fuse is so short even the bird tweeting in the tree outside your house can get your back up..? Or am I just a crazy person today...?

Had a fairly frustrating last few hours.. my little boy went down and woke up extra early from his morning nap and I then thought I should try and keep him up until his afternoon nap time at 1pm... so from 8am to now (12pm) I read stories, fed him food, let him dismantle our dvd collection etc.. in between all that he whinged the whole time.. sigh. I felt so angry towards the end and now I feel terrible for getting angry at him when he was just tired.. So we couldnt make it to 1pm...
Anyway im starting this off all wrong!! ;)

What I wanted to talk about today was all the free help out there for everything!
First of all check out this site - its Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success and is really interesting if you are looking at using your blog to generate a following for either a business or just interested in getting your thoughts out there.
Favourite bit from this site ;
  1. Write.
  2. Write more.
  3. Write even more.
  4. Write even more than that.
  5. Write when you don’t want to.
  6. Write when you do.
  7. Write when you have something to say.
  8. Write when you don’t.
  9. Write every day.
  10. Keep writing.
hehe so thats what im going to try to do. I know I dont update this blog alot but im going to try and do it at least once a week... except for next week ;) because I will be on HOLIDAYS!!! yay

Another thing im trying to get help on is graphic design... I am looking at trying to do alot of my marketing myself including flyers, business cards, newletters etc.. I designed my logo and I know it probably needs a bit of work but I cant afford to pay anyone at the moment so need to figure stuff out on my own..
I have a bit of experience with Photoshop and InDesign from degree in Interior Architecture but need to figure out how to apply it all to Graphic Design.. So here are my helpful websites :
- You the Designer
- Graphic Design Tutorials on About.com
- Wed design Tools List
- A guide to taking better pics for designers
- All design web resourses
- HV Designs a photoshop design blog

So hopefully some of these will help me with first my logo and then maybe a flyer... and eventually maybe even a website design *raised eyebrows*

I love the internet.. whatever question, thought or query I have I love just being able to jump, search and ponder through all the multitude of answers and links :)

Well better finish up for today and get back to sewing... will be taking more pictures sometime soon of my new Owly Owl softies.. hoot hoot!

Candice x

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what im lovin' at the moment

Well today my wall stickers finally arrived :) yay!!! from the wall sticker company and i just love them!!!!
I got 3 different wall stickers;
A cool Giraffe height chart in safari suit
Owls for my office in browns :)
and my sons name in an assortment of blues...

Next favourite thing today is.. my new tree necklace from Bratic Designs.. yay for Jess! Check out her handcrafted pieces so many lovely items to choose from :)


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