Tuesday, April 19, 2011

finding the time..

I have finally got Scarlett into some kind of a routine and with that comes ... time.. :) time to do things with William and time to do things for myself - yay!
So have been looking through pages and pages from blogs and various craft sites looking for inspiration.... Also came across some great activities to do with William..

First the activities: (I did these with William this morning - very simple but such fun)
1. turn a huggies box into a car - he was entertained for ages, pulling big ted around the backyard..
2. cut pictures out of magazines and get them to glue to a big piece of butchers paper and then go back over each picture talking about it and writing its name under it - William had a pen too and would also 'write' the words..
3. get lots of different plastic bowls, cups etc and a few different types of dry pasta and see what they come up with - lots of fun..
After all this it was time for an early lunch of chicken and salad wraps and then off for a nap...

For Williams last birthday I had wanted to make him a teepee but never found the time or energy (i was 8 months pregnant)... So now that the cooler weather is coming I thought I might just make him one for those raining inside days.. and found this pattern from Clementine's Shoes.
So while he is at daycare tomorrow I might go and get the canvas fabric and get started :)

Once I make the teepee im planning on starting to make Scarlett a quilt for when she goes into her big bed - i know that will be awhile away but I started one for William at around the same age and it did take me awhile (and I have been collecting some gorgeous red fabrics since we knew she was coming)... Also in between all of this I am going to start crocheting again (inspired from Mara from Piquant Jewellery and Pip from Meet Me at Mikes :) just need to get all my stuff from mum and dads house..

So much to do so little time :)

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  1. You've been up to some really interesting activities with the kiddies lately - good on you!! I REALLY love the teepees and would love to attempt something like this for Jett too! xo



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