Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what we did yesterday...

Its always a bit hard trying to find things to keep William busy and quiet :) almost impossible to keep him quiet really - he is only 2.5!! but with a sleeping baby and a small house I have been finding myself getting a bit cross when he goes yelling and screaming down the hallway resulting in Scarlett waking after only 20mins.. sigh
So yesterday morning we decorated some old formula tins and glass jars, and then in the afternoon took a trip to Bunnings to buy some tomato plants to plant in the tins (the glass jars are for candles :)
Here is the result of our hardwork - William was more interested in the gluing than the sticking so he glued and I stuck :)
We used fabric scraps from my massive stash of scraps - looking through bags of it I found some great bits to use for other projects :)
Oh and couldnt resist taking a photo of our beautiful girl Missy :) she will be 5 this month! She is a big sook and even though she is as tall as William and 20kgs heavier she is so sweet and gentle with him..

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