Sunday, August 30, 2009

Button bibs :)

'hippopopo' t-shirt and pants set

Blog feature of the week

Well while my little boy is asleep and hubby out for the arvo I thought id catch up on some blog time :) and thought i'd check out this blog its still a newbie (like mine) but is fast filling up with some lovely stuff! Loving her random kindness idea :)

Owly owly owly

Here is a picture of one of the owls I made for a friend's bday/ house warming... I forgot to take a snap of both of them together before I gave them to her. Will have to head to her house one day and take a picture of them in their new home.

Girl's Lounge Pants


Here are the first of my girl's lounge pants, they will also have matching t-shirts soon so will come in a set.

They come in sizes 0000, 000, 00, 0 & 1

Hope you like them :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

what i love about sundays

saturdays are great but they are so busy.. filled with running around trying to get things done while i have my husband home to look after William.. or when hubby has lacrosse it means another normal day of naps and stories :)

sundays are just... well.. a nothing day.. and thats why i like them :)

although we have a fairly full day today.. full of fun things! this morning we are going to the kids and babies markets before heading to swimming lessons.. yay! swimming lessons mean daddy takes William for a 30min lesson and i get to do laps - my exercise for the week :)

then we have promised my mum that we would come over for a sunday lunch straight from swimming... yum yum yummmyyyy!!! mum's cooking is still the best - nothing beats it and i get more excited about going to mum's for a meal than i do about going to a restaurant..

what is it about a home cooked meal (that you havent had to cook for yourself!)

an email came in my inbox the other day from 'meet me at mikes' and i was just drooling over the first picture of a potato and onion tortilla (below) - nom nom nom... mmmm get in my belly!!!! and now its all i can think about :) will have to make it myself this week but was so tempted to send the email to mum to see if she would like to make it for today - cheeky!! i shouldve made it myself to take !!!!! gosh how terrible am i...

well better go and get all the towels and bathers together for swimming today :)

picture first posted by : meet me at mikes

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the small business development corporation (a gold mine of information for people looking to start a small business)

wow what a way to get people motivated - a free seminar for small business operators who register their abn!!
this morning i got ready early and headed into town - leaving my 9 month old with my husband for the morning - and arrived at the small business development corporations (SBDC) 'workshop for home-based business'. it was so worth the drive and the rushed morning. i am now armed with a wealth of knowledge and feel ready to take on the world.. well the world of small businesses anyway..
for any of you out there thinking of starting a small business and you are in western australia - i say contact the SBDC and get them to send you out all the info BEFORE you start thinking too big (which isnt a bad thing)... and im sure there are corporations like this where ever you live.

i have been slowly trying to get all my merchandise ready before I delve into the deep end and start my web site and market my product.. so while im doing this the SBDC has been so helpful and with their help i hope to be able to tackle this new venture fully informed and armed with all that is necessary to make this business a success!!! *crossing fingers* !!

and so i have also decided to try and update this blog at least once a week and since i love to check out everyone elses blogs i will be featuring a fav each week... :) so leave me a comment if you would like your blog featured..

Candice :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

this whole new world

this whole new world of blogging, chats and websites is quite overwhelming. I find I get so caught up each day reading all these blogs and tweets and never actually get around to writing anything on my own pages.. its a bit frustrating. I seem to spend all my 'computer time' being inspired but never seem to communicate that inspiration or even let the bloggers and tweeters know that they have inspired me.. so what do I do all day?

Well I get woken at 6am by my darling son and spend the hours til his nap time dealing with him, having breakfast, getting ready for the day (which seems to take all day!) and finally I sit down and check emails, read blogs and most recently check my farm on facebook which is one of the silliest things that I have ever done, but I just cant seem to stop! I should just delete the application and be done with it but I love checking it every few hours to see whats grown - never mind my own garden which is full of weeds and dying plants (why do the weeds flourish and the plants die??)

Once all that is over I get sewing (if William hasnt woken up by then) - which is what I should be doing non-stop for at least 8 hours a day, but im lucky if I get 2hrs.. sigh.

I know that looking after a baby takes up a huge portion of my day but I just feel like I never get anything done! and this is why I struggle to keep up with all the blogs and tweets. I dont know what im going to do when I eventually set up my website and have to start marketing my product as well as making it!!!!

sigh... but this is my life and I will live it the best way I can :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

cotton on... :(

Read something today that shocked me - A fellow blogger's post 'Cotton On - are you on crack?' and had to post it here! Please read it.

I have been a Cotton On buyer for awhile now, their babies clothes have been cheap and lasted long enough until my son moved up to the next size and then they have gone into the 'passing on' box.
I will now not only be refusing to buy or accept any clothing from their store but I will be doing my best to let everyone I know about it...



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